1) What should I expect?

Meeting at Devils Fork State Park, our guides will take you around Lake Jocassee on an enjoyable and laid back tour to view the beautiful waterfalls and wildlife Lake Jocassee offers. 

2) What is included in the Tour?

Each guided tour includes the kayak or SUP, lifejacket and paddle.

3) What if this is my first time in a kayak/paddle board?

Don’t you worry! Guides will go over a simple but detailed pre-tour technique and safety course to get you started. We work hard to make sure everyone has fun, but please call ahead if you need any special accommodations. Additionally, if you get tired,  we always have tow lines.

4) What should I bring?

We recommend you pack the basics: sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, hat, water and a snack. You may bring a camera at your own risk, or rent one of our waterproof cameras for $10, just bring your own SD Card! Let us know ahead of time if you plan on renting a camera so we can accommodate your request.

5) Is there an age limit to the tours?

We welcome all ages and skill levels, however, children under 18 will need a signed waiver by their parent or guardian. We work hard to make sure everyone has fun and a comfortable experience, but please call ahead if you need any special accommodations

6) Can I bring my dog?

Both of the guides, Eric and Daniel, own friendly dogs and may have them along on any given tour. You should probably leave Sparky at home. If you have any allergies or concerns with a canine companion on the trip, please contact us ahead and we will be happy to leave our first mates on shore!

7) How can I pay for my tour?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You can call ahead and pre-pay for your tour or we accept payment on site through the mobile pay service Square ®

8) Should I tip my guide?

Tips are always appreciated-if you think we’ve earned them! Guides work very hard to make sure you feel safe and secure while enjoying Lake Jocassee’s amazing views, wildlife, and waterfalls. If you’ve had a great experience, please let your guides know! They always appreciate a little extra beer money…

9) Should I tell my friends?

YES! Please use the bottom links to let everyone know about your experience via Facebook, Instagram or Yelp! Also, if you plan to post any pictures don’t be shy, TAG US!

10) What happens if it rains?


We play in the rain! However, safety is our top priority and our guides can and will cancel a tour at anytime due to inclement weather. We will work with you to reschedule your tour. Always call ahead if you have a question regarding whether or not your tour is on schedule

11) How do I book a tour?

        Find the Contact Us Page and fill out the reservation request form!

12) What if I have more Questions?

Then I guess you need to Contact Us!